baristas and coffee

27 May

london 21.3C sunny friday 2016 3.43pm

link to a google moving 360degree image of the royal exchange.

went to grind, new opening of their branch in the royal exchange building. it is on the left hand side as you look at the main facade of the building. a tiny bit of room , quite a small space. they were giving away free coffee from 6.30am to 2pm today. i was surprised at such a small room, esp when it got a good write up 

Their first in the City, Royal Exchange Grind is a bit of a stunner, with an impressive 19th century frontage and no-expense-spared interior. link

i could hardly believed it is the same place. but i had a look at the grind website and it had pictures of the exterior and interior of the place…it is only when i saw the pictures i was aware that it had marbling effect on the walls, but  i did not notice the marbling effect on the walls when i was there. so not a good attempt or i would have noticed. haha. it is nice coffee,by which i mean  the cappuccino i asked for was not full of frothy milk and very little liquid coffee which a bad barista can do if not careful; (this happen to me long ago, when coffee drinking was not so popular as now) but it says a lot about the baristas in london now, that i have not got a bad coffee made by a barista anywhere in london. and what is more, none of them have this snobbishness i associate with ordering a coffee in france or spain or italy… where they dont like to make u a cappuccino in the afternoon. here in london we dont have that kind of ridiculous rules. i can see it takes a bit of effort and skill on the part of the barista to make that drink. and perhaps those baristas in europe just cannot be bothered to do the hard work to get it right , hence their resentment at anyone daring to order it after a certain time as it will slow down the turnover at the table after u have eaten the foods for lunch or dinner which they expect u to order… whereas here the baristas do it so often they have got that skill to a fine art and  become very good at it, and so do it without much angst or fuss. there were lots of people queueing to get the free coffee, and the 3 baristas were coordinating themselves, so well, that the coffee came fast and smooth.  it is real pleasure to see experts at work, doing their stuff. 

the asda advert mentioned their argee bargi pizza. it gave me a good laugh. its a nice play of words.

i did not know you can enter the royal exchange building. i often pass it in the bus and always thought it is private ground, and full of city gents beavering away. but i got inside it, and saw it was a covered courtyard surrounded by facade.


(ˈɑr giˈbɑr gi)

n., pl. -gies.

a vigorous or noisy discussion or dispute.

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