this shop have orchids on display.

27 May

london 7.11am 12.6C sunny friday 2016

this shop in belgravia is the only one i visited. it has a splendid display of orchids.

orchids galore.there was a rose there with a scent, so unusual that i mentioned it to the assistant when she came up to me , and she said it is because flowers with scent dont last long. now i know  why so many flowers sold for decoration now have no scent.

 for me the scent is so much a part of the flower, i dont like flowers without any scent, esp roses, those without scent have the appearance of being made out of paper, ie artificial. they even feel like paper.

so that saves me not wanting to buy any of these shop flowers.and i can continue to enjoy flowers that grow in the garden and free for me to breathe in their scent and to touch them and feel them.

interestingly orchids dont have scent, even the ones grown in the pot by ordinary people in their gardens. and they are very long lasting.

so maybe they have been so intensively cultivated, their scent has been bred out of them or more likely perhaps wild orchids have no scent. or if they have, the scent is like carrion and so all the more reason to breed it out of them. perhaps it is the reason why orchids are so popular as decoration and indoor plants. their long lasting flowers and no scent. with different people having different scent senses, one nice smelling flower can be another’s horror. is that the reason why i dont see a lot of stronly scented plants being grown nowadays? honeysuckle has a lovely scent, to me… but it is rare to see them now. jasmine has a lovely scent, though some might not agree. 

added. 9.11pm fri 27.5.16 i am seeing a tv program on bbc1 about flowers, kenya it seems is the 3rd highest producer of roses. and it has tambuzi roses, high end roses that have scents. not surprising the rich will pay a lot for roses with scents. it seems no one else is doing this, selecting for fragrance.

they need to be cooled down in stages over 24hrs, as opposed to 12hrs for the ones that are still in buds. the flowers are open, rather than the tight buds normally. a transport care sheet produces hydrogen chloride to kill disease . they sell for £1-2 a stem, unlike the supermarket ones that sell for 40-60p a stem. of course the price retail can be anything.

it seems the rose is uk biggest seller. i suppose the biggest advantage of cut roses is that u can put them in a vase at home and enjoy them for a longish time as they gradually open further and further to their fullest extent, before they die.

at least that was my experience , long ago when i bought roses (they were cheap then) and got scent too.  and very lovely feeling it gave me too.

you know all us oldies always say it was better in the olden days, and this is what we mean. we could all afford to buy lovely roses with scent and staying power and never realise those days wont come again. the now generation will never know that, and what they dont know they wont miss. 

the lily and the tulip are the other two best sellers in uk. 


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