about films about disability

29 May

london 7.15am 11.1C sunday 2016 cloudy, but bright.

i woke up and realise we are still on the long May holiday weekend, time seem to have gotten slower for me. sunday used to be such a luxurious day, when it is a day to laze about and enjoy doing nothing. this was a time when i was working, but of course the times have changed for me. now it simply merges into just another day and if not for the calendar i would not have noticed it. in the past it used to be noticeable for the mass of sunday papers that can fill up a big part of the day, but that is long gone.

i read this article about a disabled film, called ‘me before you’. and the critic is saying so few films are about disabled people, but i think he/she did not like this film because of the ending. so now s/he complained it is not about reality… firstly because  the actor is a fully abled person pretending to be disabled, and secondly he kills himself in the end.

i am thinking well no wonder no one makes films about disabled people anymore…if u get critics like this complaining about how your disabled character is depicted.  you have to get a disabled actor and have a happy ending… it is very restrictive to you if u are a producer of such a film. it just means u got to have a sentimental ending, or tug at the heart strings throughout the film… even to me that sounds boring. you cannot make the disabled person a horrible person… or a murderer, for example.  in other words u cannot treat him as a character in the movie, and be allowed to be bad or good  person… the character is loaded with baggage just for being disabled. 

disabled people really cannot complain when no one makes a film about disability and then complain that it is not real when someone does. films are not real… or rather i should say movies are not real. they depict made up stories about people and things and their behaviour or rather they play up certain behaviours , usually the extreme ones, just to have a story.

gay people used to be non depicted in movies, until they do, and then the gay character always cop it in one way or another… but  gays realise they cannot have it both ways and expect the gays to be depicted well…(or rather there is not much we can do about it haha).  so olden day movies with gays in them always ends up badly for the gay character… even today, most times the gay character cops it badly… but then it wont be a movie if everybody have a great life in it… happiness is the most boring to depict. that is why when they live happily ever after, the movie ends.

disabled people should just suck it up and keep quiet about it not being real to encourage more directors to stick disabled people in their movies, so much so that it becomes normal, and then they might get some real character parts for the disabled  bits in that movie. though it will never end  with happy ever after endings. for that u can go to fairy tales. haha.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the cucumber sandwich. it is really the perfect answer to when u want something to nibble but dont really want anything sweet.

added. i saw this about why london got pavements

added. wordpress is 13yrs old. it started on 27 may 2003. 


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  1. Garfield Hug Sunday May 29, 2016 at 11:31 am #

    Good fact on wordpress!! Thanks😊

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