where are the ethnic places to hang around ?

31 May

london 9.18am rain 11.4C tuesday 2016


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

little arabia, along the edgeware road. one of the nice things about london, there is a little corner of your home country here if u only take the trouble to look for it. it is a great place to people watch as well because the whole edgeware road is a great place to promenade if u are middle eastern on a summer evening.

this reminds me of other reminders of the home country plonked down in london;  little india (southall), chinatown, little korea (in new malden)and the colindale centre (gone now) which was like a food court, in north london. development have destroyed these places. brick lane for eg, got itself developed now.

i wonder where is little philipines. you know in malaysia, singapore u have a shopping cntre completely taken over by filipino maids on their day off… (in little india,singapore it is indian workers on their day off) how come we dont have that in london? or they do, but we never get to know about it.

added. this entry in wikipedia says they are called little manila. no enclave in london but a 2day festival in 16-17july.

The largest Filipino community in the United Kingdom is in and around London, based around Earls Court. . Fiestas are held during June, July and August in various cities throughout the UK. The biggest and longest-running Filipino festival in the UK is ‘The Barrio Fiesta sa London‘, held every year inApps Court Farm near Hampton Court, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2EG Surrey.usually in the month of July. This event, organised by The Philippine Centre (a voluntary, non-governmental organisation and registered charity in the UK), has been going strong since 1985. It used to be a one-day event on a Sunday, but since 2003, it was extended to two days covering the weekend of both Saturday and Sunday, in order to accommodate all those attending due to a huge boost in visitors and the ever-increasing number of Filipinos in the UK. The Barrio Fiesta sa London is now in its 32nd year as of 2016.


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