just small things that i do

1 Jun

london 13.2C rain wednesday 2016

most people will feel glum when it rains. not me, i get a secret joy out of it, because i just imagine all those pesky pollen being driven into the ground, or the rain hitting the flowers and destroying the pollen there. haha. the rain cleans the air of pollen and makes it such a pleasure to breathe in without sneezing and having the nose clogged up and having itchy throats. so it is very nice for me when i see this weather. 

i had a fruitless morning really. i wanted to have a haircut, but when i arrived at the barbershop that i go to, just behind the theatre in cambridge circus;  i found it has become a different place, different owners i suspect, because the billboard outside was advertising their haircut is £9, instead of the usual £6. so that put paid to my haircut.

i had not been to that place  for a year, maybe more. its lease must have expired. it has carried on offering £6 haircuts for a long while, giving £6 haircuts even though all the barbers around it have gone up in price. so i guess its lease has expired. ah well, another of the old days gone.

but i have changed the way of my life so much that many of these changes dont affect me so strongly now. it is really only nostalgia that makes me sad that these places have gone. but i dont really use them that much nowadays, so u might say people like me is the cause of these places closing. we stopped using them, and they are losing customers. i daresay many of the barbers round them must be collectively heaving a sigh of relief, because their £6 haircut must have stolen  a lot of their customers …ah well, when there are changes like these, some lose out others gain. 

i noticed quite a number of restaurants  have shut too, the one, a chinese restaurant, at the corner near leicester square station is all blocked up; and the row of shops below the fire station are shut too… its the lease, once it ends, the new lease will be for a lot more and many cannot be asssured they will make a profit for them to take a risk with the new lease.

coming out of the library and while waiting for bus 24, i noticed across the street the maharajah of india restaurant, still going strong. it has been there for as long as i can remember. so that place is holding itself above water… it is one of the very few indian restaurants in that area. and from its menu it looks like the traditional type restaurant, tikka masala, bhuna, etc. it is nextdoor to what used to be the capital radio offices… now i notice they have  rebranded as global.

 i guess i shall have to keep an eye out for a cheap haircut place. not so easy to find, i think.  but for now i shall just continue to cut my own hair. its not that difficult to do so. 



i thought i shall give u a view of trafalgar square when it is raining.


3 Responses to “just small things that i do”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9:17 am #

    £6 for haircut. For me, I pay $18. But there are $10 cuts but my hair does not behave and needs Edward Scissorhands to do the cut. Considered cheap as salons do it for $75 and above. NZ my sis pays $27 minimum for a trim. So I guess outside Asia, hair cuts are costly.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9:23 am #

      now in london haircuts are £9, and they dont wash the hair either. so about the same price as singapore. though women pay much more so yours is quite a bargain actually. and if they washyour hair they expect a tip for the hairwasher too. i prefer if they wash the hair to do it after the cut, but most of them dont do that. long ago, i used to go to a friend who washes before and after the cut. i wonder do asian barbers still do massage? that one where they twist the neck? its scary, and the barber in malaysia does it, but i never want them to do it on me.

      • Garfield Hug Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9:26 am #

        Mine does not come with a wash as I have a screwed on neck and cannot survive the incline on sink bowl. Yes a bargain for me! The old barbers still do it but these are fast a lost art as they are the oldies and younger barbers do not do this anymore

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