this coming weekend will be busy.

4 Jun

london 1.10pm 17.6C cloudy saturday 2016

london 8.19pm 18.8C cloudy

i got a call just now from my friend in bournemouth saying he will be visiting me over the coming weekend. (not this one we are in right now)he is here for the queen’s 90 celebration. and that reminded me that next weekend a lot of things are happening.

 it is rather good timing for the national gallery to put up this art work just when the weekend is coming and it will be the busiest weekend ever i think. so many things are slated to happen that day…11june saturday. i cannot imagine how it can hold it all without the events clashing .

the big one is the queen’s birthday party on the mall, with invited guests from her charities. that will be a huge bother and i cant quite see how it will not clash with the naked bike ride, which is also on that day… i fear there will be chaos but i am not planning to join in the naked bike ride this year. the route is too long for me now… so i have lost interest and will be going to the 7 dial festival, near covent gdn, which is also on that day.

my other friend from bournemouth usually comes to london for it, but he has not mentioned it so i think he too is thinking of giving it a miss. but i invite him to london anyway, as he is keen on the Leave vote, and there is a demonstration march  by leave in london on that day too. 



Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i saw this on the bus , a huge floral arrangement of cut flowers to mimic one of the flower oil paintings in the national gallery. i forgot to go there to take  closer pictures of it. but nevermind, i shall do it tomorrow i think.



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