a sunny day in brixton

6 Jun
Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

london 12.33pm 21.2C monday 2016 sunny

its a nice day, very sunny, and warm. though of course there is a downside… after all, nothing in life is an unalloyed good thing.

they say every cloud have a silver lining, but i think the opposite also runs true, every sunny day have its sunburnt skin… haha anyway my sunburnt equivalent is the hay fever that i get when the weather is this good. but i have to say, even though i got it, it is not that bad. it is only once in a while i get this bout of sneezing and my nose start running… but once i get indoors, or go to the top of the bus, it abates.

i know… mustn’t grumble. haha.

i was waiting at the bus stop in brixton, and this bus stop seems to funnel the winds down it, because it was very dusty and that started my hay fever. sometimes i wonder if it is not hayfever, but allergy to dust. but it was outdoors so i imagine there must be pollen in that dust. 

i was there to buy ginger. its the first time i been there in the early morning, i mean about 10.30am and so i see it at its quiet time. with locals sitting outside one cafe with menu that says meat , veg, rice for £1.45… no mention of what meat, nor what veg. haha. only the locals know what meat or veg. the price is certainly the cheapest i have seen…they sell coffee too. it certainly looked nothing like the trendy type coffee shops that are springing up and selling expensive coffee.

there is one on the end of this same street towards the main street where all the buses thunder past… those sitting outside must be getting all that traffic dust and dirt blown into their faces and food and coffee…


next time when it is emptier, i might go in and have a look at the menu on the board above the counter, though even then , it mightnot be the menu for those in the know, but for outsiders.  it reminds me a bit of the kopitiam type of local coffee shop we get in malaysia… where locals sit and while the time away.

the nice sunny weather i think brings them out, so that the tables outside were full of people. it must be a nice place to hang out and meet people. 


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