hot summer

7 Jun

london 1.57pm 24.4C cloudy but bright. tuesday 2016

this weather reminds me of malaysia, though not so humid , it being only about 50% . but i have to be careful that nostalgia is not biasing my memories…i doubt this weather now is anything like malaysia. malaysia will be much hotter. 

it gives  me some idea of what 25C is like. it is going on the top end of pleasantness… any higher and i think it will tip over into unpleasant… that is because today is cloudy and the sun is not out in its full force.  and it is forecast to rain a lot about now. 

but also reminds me it is nothing compared to the searing heat and humidity of malaysia when the day can be  32C and 80% humid. even the torrential downpours dont seem to make it cooler.  i have forgotten about that heat and cannot imagine it now.

i was at the library and they have anthony burgess malayan trilogy , a series of books he wrote set in malaya during 1955-57. i read a bit of it while at the library, but did not borrow it. those stories are so old now… he does sprinkle the story with malay words… kedai , kiri (which he use meaning toting up the bill on his shop account.) it is the story of a english man  working in the civil service in what was then malaya just before the country got independance, and all the characters he lived with during those days described from a british point of view;  at least that was my impression. i did not read it all… somerset maugham did a similar thing too, with his malayan stories… a lot of drinking and drunkeness i recall.

no mention of the lovely foods that abound in malaysia… unlike nowadays when it is all that people talk about now whenever u read blogs in that region. now that ramadan has started, there will be huge range of foods in the evening for sale.

it is a paradox really that at a time of fasting… is really the signal for such a vast array of foods to come out around now, foods that are not prepared or on sale any other time. and for feasting to occur in the evening. it does not only happen in malaysia, it happens in saudi arabia and that middle east region too… and for all i know, in pakistan too. i wonder whether in the edgeware road, it is all dead in the day time but come bursting to life when the sunsets… daylight is from 4.44am to 9.14pm. such long hours to be fasting, dont u think? 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

london near hyde park corner, that plot of green with wellington arch in it.

3 Responses to “hot summer”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9:11 am #

    25C is nice!! I am in sweltering 33C. It rained today so slightly cooler. Coming from 2 weeks of 9C…I am complaining at humidity and heat now!!😂😂

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9:14 am #

      which would u prefer, that 9C and the seasonal changes or 33C all year round? i live in london and i actually prefer the 9C and seasonal changes .

      • Garfield Hug Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9:29 am #

        Seasons!!! Gimme 9C and 25C….I hate the humidity and hot hot hot days

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