12 Jun

london 1.54pm 16.2C rain sunday 2016

rain today on the queen’s picnic lunch. though the rain has stopped now at about the time the whole thing starts. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamerath

such alot of wire hangers that i found at a dump. i pick them up as they are very useful for hanging clothes to dry, as well as store clothing. also simon tends to leave them at work, as he would carry his work clothes to work and then dont bother to take the hangers back. i think these clothes hangers are used in dry cleaners. they must get through hell of a lot of them and amass a huge amount so that they have to throw them away. well what they dont want we can have. haha.

but i think these ones are from someone clearing out their cupboards. it is near a block of flats.

i find it gives me a lot of pleasure these simple things. i think our happiness is always inside us. some of us have forgotten and concentrate on the unhappiness so that they are always unhappy. but we are all happy inside, it is just up to us to find the triggers that will make it come out and make us feel it… and i think jokes can do that. 

its a bit like me remembering some jokes and laughing everytime i remember. i heard this in a comedy show… the character was tipsy and drunkardly holding up a bottle of pinot grigio and shouting ‘this pee-not grigio is so good… ‘ 

i always laugh whenever i remember it. or seeing the bottle in a supermarket…

another one is remembering boaty macboatface. 


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