chromebook sent for repairs

14 Jun

london 3.58pm tuesday 2016

a strange day. i am without my chrome book. earlier today i was downloading that pic u see… when suddenly the pointer disappeared and i could not type or do anything to it. its like the screen froze. anyway there was nothing to do except switch it off and reboot. and that was when the screen went blank and won’t start. i noticed the back of the chromebook was hot.

i wanted to go right away to john lewis in oxford st, with it to ask their  repair shop to sort it out. but my friend was with me, and his bus leaves at 3pm, so it being 1pm, he stayed till 2pm before he decided to go. as soon as he left i took the bus to the store. on the way i noticed the chrome book was getting hotter. so i decided to switch it off completely by pressing the on button for a long time. that is one way to switch it off. when i arrived i told the lady there that it got hot and switched off. she opened the chromebook and it turned on. it must have got cooled. luckily she did not ask me what happened… just asked to see the guarantee…she immediately said we shall send it off to repair. that was quick.

anyway i mentioned to her , the trouble is it has just expired. she said yes, and she started telephoning someone . and then went away… when she got back she said they will send it off to repair, and bear the cost , just as a one off. only warning me that if the fault is due to spillage or due to my fault then i will have to pay. well, that is very good of them. the guarantee expired on 11. june. and today is 14th june. so really if they want to be v strict, it is outof guarantee and they have a right to ask me to pay it. so i would very good of them to waive the fee. i highly recommend buying from john lewis. such good customer service.

anyway while she was away, i quickly went into the laptop and cleared the what -do- u- call it, the memory whatever… and lucky i did, because she took the chromebook there and then, gave me a receipt, said it will take 3working days and she ask me for my phone number and said we will call u when it is ready.. so quick, i have my baby taken away from me.  i am writing this on the library computer. i am glad i went so quickly to john lewis. if i had let it cooled down it would have restarted and i might have not bothered and then days later the problem would recur and it might be too far gone from the expired date of the guarantee… 







Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


2 Responses to “chromebook sent for repairs”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday June 18, 2016 at 8:54 am #

    No wonder you have been silent! Hope it gets fixed soon 😊

  2. alifesgayventurean Saturday June 18, 2016 at 10:43 am #

    it is the first time i am seeing my page like a ordinary viewer would see it, with adverts too; now that i am accessing it via the library computer. it seems very squashed up, with lots of blank spaces on the sides. i guess this is the format that pleases mobile screens. still dont have my chromebook. so it seems it might take longer than teh 3working days to get it repaired.

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