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16 Jun

2nd day of my being without my chromebook. interesting effect on me . i find time hangs heavy not being able to log on and go online anytime i like. hmm, i think i can get an idea of what pre internet days are for the retired. it must be very boring. after all there is only so much u can while the hours by reading, or watching tv. now i know why in dvds are so popular. people use it to watch films. i was seeing an expat giving a guided tour of his house, which he shares with his boyfriend in thailand and i saw shelves of dvds in his living room, in his bedroom, in his boyfriends bedroom… haha. here in uk, we can get films on demand, so dvds are old hat now. and with the playback to see old tv programs even the tv is online now. i am writing all this on my library computer, where i am only allowed 1 hr free usage. but it is enough really . i only need it to access my email, and to type out this post. no pictures as i dont know how to with this library computer. and no colour either.

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