a lovely morning, buying briefs

28 Jun

london 6.52am cloudless blue sky tuesday 2016 15.6C

a lovely morning view from my kitchen window. the sense of fresh cold crisp air is lovely and reminds me a bit of being on holiday in the med. the trees have allready put out shoots and it is only about 3months since they have been shorn bald. this is like the weather in the mediterranean region but without the language difficulties. haha. 

added. 1.49pm i went to primark at the marble arch end of oxford st, and bought these underwear. £4.50 for 5 . hope they last me as long as the ones i bought in malaysia 10yrs ago. haha.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

actually i like looking at underwear. this website has got some really nice ones and they make videos of models wearing them and interview them as well… in a rather saucy way. they are american and priced in dollars so even if i want to buy them it would be difficult. 

now i come to think of it, primark is like the street markets that every town should have, where u can buy basic stuff cheap. like the pasar malams in malaysia. i think most of us are not bothered with fashion for things like underwear, socks … they are things we use and discard when worn out. without primark there has not been anywhere we can buy those things in uk. especially in london. oh i forgot, there might be such places in the street markets in the east end, but u have to search for them and travel quite a long way from your home to them, and the choices are limited. 

added. here is a link to them asking trainers which they prefer, boxers or briefs. spoiler alert… in the end none of them chose any of it, they all wore trunks. dont know what is the difference? here is a bhs link to show you. no wonder bhs has gone bankrupt, their choices are really very old fashioned. 

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