i cannot get skype on my chromebook

29 Jun

london 1.24pm 16.1C light rain, wednesday 2016

a friend have been trying to get me via skype from his hotmail acccount. he said he can see me online and tried to call me but i said i dont get the call and i cannot activate it to talk to him or to hear him. i thought it might be my fault, and that i have not activated my loudspeakers.  so i said i shall go to the curry’s (a high street electronic shop)  in tottenham court road where there is a google chrome chap there to help.

so i did this morning. the guy who works there says it is not available on chrome, and though i have read that  there is an android app that is available to download by chrome, it is only available on certain chromebooks like the acer. mine is a toshiba. so that is that. cant say i am put out by it as i dont really fancy chatting online.

there are lots of things that i dont mind not getting. perhaps that might explain why i like the chromebook, even though it dont seem to be able to do these things.

the journey there was not entirely wasted however, as the chap showed me how to store pictures in the google photos. i have been storing it on the cloud in google drive, which they gave me free for 2yrs when i bought the chromebook. it has expired now, but it seems i can still store pics there as i have not used up the storage capacity. but the google man i consulted at the store says i should add them to google photos as that is unlimited. ah well, the pics are not that important anyway. i use it to upload the pics from my camera so that i can put it in this wordpress blog. 

on the way back i saw a woman cross the road in front of the bus, and she was looking the other way, and the look of surprise and horror on her face when the bus driver hooted her and she turned to look and saw the bus right on top of her as it were … is priceless. i thought so that is the reason why  i keep reading pedestrians being hit by buses in the news. it is the proverbial saying isn’t it? that u can be hit by a bus… it is supposed to imply the event is unlikely… but with all these continentals used to driving on the wrong side of the road, ( i know… to them we are the ones driving on the wrong side hehe) they come here and forget and that is when they walk straight in front of the bus. in this case she stepped out far enough from the bus for the driver to see her and  avoid her. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the rather pretty seat design on the routemaster bus.

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