nature is very fecund

30 Jun

london 15C light rain, but bright day, thursday 2016 8.30am

last day of june today. 

shoots growing out of the stumps of my houseplant which i ruthlessly pruned when it grew too tall and straggly.

the fecundity of nature is truly amazing and i am glad to be able to see it in action in such a simple thing like a house plant.

though whenever i walk out i can see it in action. all the cracks in the pavements have some plant growing in it and our caretaker have to periodically go round with a hoe to scrape them out. even the road side sweeper does that, because i have seen one of them do it, and presumably it is part of their road duties. if left to grow those plants can destroy the pavement.

that is why whenever i see people planting ivy or maple to climb up their house walls, i mentally think they are foolish, for future generations will pay heavily for that when the wall needs replacing.

its like someone planting a leilandii, they are storing big problems later if not for themselves for their neighbours whose garden is cast in shade all year round.

added 10.47am i went round the estate photographing all those plants that can destroy what they grow on if allowed to grow unchecked. 

that cherry blossom tree in the courtyard is the second one there. the first one had lovely white blossoms but the roots gradually destroyed the drainage system that runs under the brick work and it had to be uprooted and the drainage system repaired. cost me as my share of the cost for my flat £7000. this one too will one day cause the same damage and saddle future owners money too. this one does not even produce any flowers to speak of.

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