saw my teacher on a saturday

2 Jul

london 6.19am 12C rosy sunrise saturday 2016

i am reminded how other people know english so well, even though it is not their mother tongue. this is a german blog posting a english poem, by dave crawley about a school kid being surprised at meeting his teacher outside school.  

the poem is amusing and funny and well written, but what surprised me, (maybe i shouldn’t; i know that joke about the english newspaper headline…’ fog in channel, continent cut off ‘does make me sound like it.) is that it is posted in a german blog… i have to use google to translate the german part of it. 

i only know one language , english, even though english is not my mother tongue, and i have immersed myself so much in english, i just get surprised when someone who is german or french or spanish can speak such good english that they can appreciate an english poem. i know it is a mistaken impression on my part but french german and italian or spanish speakers have such a strong identity with their language, that somehow i got the impression that they cannot also be fluent in english… i thought u can be only fluent in one, but of course that is a wrong thing. i need reminding that other people know english very well, even though it is not their mother tongue.

but i think i am right in saying english seem to be the common language that all these different diverse language groups have in common. am i mistaken in that belief too? that english has become the language to go to for two people with different mother tongues to converse with each other. 

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Digital StillCamera


2 Responses to “saw my teacher on a saturday”

  1. MELewis Saturday July 2, 2016 at 7:40 am #

    In Switzerland, where I work, English is definitely the go-to language. Not all Swiss people speak French, German or Italian, but just about all speak (at least a little) English.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday July 2, 2016 at 8:13 am #

    seen in this perspective, the french call to remove english as one of the official languages in the EU seems premature.

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