cycling in tandem

3 Jul

london 7.34pm 20C sunny sunday 2016

its quite cloudy earlier today but now it is very sunny, blue sky. i had a nap and woken up to this really sunny time. the setting sun is shining brightly into the flat.

i think even london can be affected by a sunday quiet mood. i was out this morning and it seemed particularly quiet, with very little traffic on the roads.

so this father and son (presumably) with a male friend accompanying them seem to have got a good day to cycle about.i first saw them cycling by my flat as i came out this morning, and i thought it was a rather good arrangement.

 i go regularly to the library on sunday morning, taking the bus all the way to paddington library… and it was very quiet….not only traffic on the street but the library as well.  only a few weeks ago i cannot find a table free in the library, what with so many students in there. i had to sit on the floor next to a plug to charge my chrome book and to read the sunday papers. but i think the exams are over and their school holidays must be on, ( or if not their holidays there is now no need to go to the library to study..) because they are no where to be seen now.

the sunday papers were rather dull, and noticeably thin, with fewer pages than normal. and most of it full of the conservative leadership battle. so i skimmed through them all and could not help mentioning how boring the papers are this morning to the librarian. there was no queue to borrow those papers when i was there.

i thought i will go to regent st, where today they are closing it to traffic and having a transport exhibition. i suppose it must be that july is a slow month for shopping, otherwise they wont close down regent st…they intend to close it to traffic every sunday in july. i think it really ruin the trade of the shops there not to mention it disrupts the bus routes; but then what do i know. haha. maybe all the shops lining the regent street were full of people out of my sight. who knows. i got to find out all the various patterns of fabric that they use to cover the seats in the buses and tubes. 

it is a common sight to see fairs and celebrations on the street in tourist towns in spain, and i used to think it is there to bring people in and keep them there. it seems even london have to do this, create tourist events to keep the people coming into the area.

perhaps that is why trafalgar square is so eager to celebrate any ethnic holiday and festival. this saturday they are going to celebrate eid… what malaysians call hari raya puasa… to celebrate the end of ramadan, which is on 6th july. it is on a saturday instead of a sunday. sunday would be the quieter time, but it might not be so busy as saturday. 


saw this man and his kid riding the bike earlier. the front wheel of the kid’s bike is lifted off the ground and attached by a rigid bar to the adult bike.

the regent street transport for london exhibition.


i thought this artist , exhibiting his work in the charing cross library is very good with fish paintings. he does other subjects too, oil paintings as well, but his fish ones are the best.i think.


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