find something to amuse you

9 Jul

london 22.3C cloudy saturday 2016 2pm

you can follow your own way and find things to do that are not commercial. just  enjoy nature, watching sunsets and sunrises, or just the sky in all its moods, or take walks and enjoy nature, as i do when i take pictures of flowers that bloom freely everywhere.

or go to the library and borrow books to read, or newspapers to read; or just wander around the villages of london, with their unique look, or activities.

or go bargain hunting in charity shops, or watch out for stuff to find in the streets. and i was thinking if u are into sports there are lots of that going on, not only to participate, but also to watch. wimbledon, for tennis, the euro matches for football, are the sports that immediately readily come to mind… because they  fill the tv schedules to the point of exclusion.

these are the activities that fill people ‘s days now, that summer is here. and there are all the music festivals going on too. the festivals in the parks, they are called. in fact, there are so many of them, that hackney residents have tried to bring the law to bear to try to force councils not to let so many festivals happen. these festivals  block out the parks making restricted access to them by residents.

all to make people have something to do… reminds me of those gladiator games and wild animal shows in old roman times, when the emperor hold these games to keep the populace amused.

ah well, i suppose we must have them otherwise all the people may find time hangs so heavy on their hands, that they get up to mischief, holding rival demonstrations, or looting shops, or shooting each other.  america seems to be going down that route. perhaps they should take a leaf out of the british’s book, and hold lots of street festivals and field festivals and food fests,(i have just been to the eid festival in trafalgar square) and games/sports to take the heat out of those bored masses.

also britain have a lot of tourists, and they have to find something to amuse them too, apart from the perennial favourites, shopping, food, and sightseeing. it is nice in a way to be amidst all these activities, whilst not really being of it. i can enjoy seeing people doing these things, whilst finding my enjoyment elsewhere which are not so popular and hence not so crowded.

i think that is the fun part of living in a busy city like london. u can join the mainstream and enjoy what everyone else is enjoying and find it fun to rub shoulders with so many of them. or u can find your own niche activity with hardly anyone else doing it, and keep it to yourself. haha. the city is big enough to cater to everyone. 

added. 10.7.16 just off the top of my head there are other sports/events going on now… ascot, tour de france(cycling) golf (Open -to those in the know they will know what cup this open refers to) british grand prix(formula 1 car racing). i am sure there are others all vying for people to do them or watch them.

personally i am all for putting them all into paid tv… so that we dont get force fed to all of us on terrestial tv, whether we like it or not. haha. i mean wimbledon is on all day on both bbc 1 and 2 and even into the night with highlights etc. 



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Digital StillCamera

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