unintended consequences

12 Jul


Late last month, Bill Gates made a gaffe on social media. He posted a photo to his Facebook page of a mass of wires hanging from a concrete pole on a Bangkok street, lamenting the fact that urban areas like the Thai capital “suffer from frequent blackouts.” He added that such a situation compels people…

via That Time Bill Gates Accidentally Shamed Bangkok Into Burying Its Power Lines — CityLab | All Articles

london 5.33am 14.2C clear tuesday 2016

so the bangkok authorities are going to put all those wirings underground. it might look nicer, but they should be aware of the consequences of doing that. here in london we constantly get our roads and pavements dug up as one company after another take turns to dig it up to put in their stuff. makes everything more expensive for the companies ( i hope westminster charges them an arm and a leg for that), and makes locals suffer lots of inconvenience. it does make the above ground views look nicer, with no spaghetti junction of wires making unsightly eyesores… but is it worth the price to pay?

in bangkok, what with the floods, if ever anything goes wrong with those cables under the flood waters, it will not be repaired until after the floods subside. now, if any of those overhead cables get damaged it is easy to repair… but try to do that when it is all hidden under the road…

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