fun day at ikea

13 Jul

london 2.27pm 16.8C drizzle wednesday 2016

bought this knapsack at ikea for only £2, that is because they gave me a £5 voucher, and it was reduced from £10 to £7. it was an impulse buy which just goes to show how well tested is the concept of giving freebies to people to get them to come to the store, and then they will be tempted to buy something. i thought i shall just go and buy their £1 meat ball meal, which i did, ( quite nice too esp when its normal price is £3.80… and i thought i shall use the voucher to buy me their frozen meat balls, but it was not applicable to the frozen foodhall, nor to the restaurant.

then at the front of the store, near the restaurant they put all these reduced priced items. and i saw this ikea knapsack; such a lovely colour… and i looked at my old gym bag that i have been using all this time; and it looked so torn and stitched up on all sides because the seam has ripped and coming apart, and i thought i suppose i should buy it. cant really wait to find a knapsack in the recycling bins really… though i did find one a few days ago but it had dog shit on it and that stopped me from picking it up. i guess i should have realised a little bit of dog shit should  not really be a deterrant for a determined recycler. haha. anyway that opportunity was gone.

so i thought i better buy this then. and it is very nice. i am glad i bought it. it fits so snug on my back and looks so cheerful. and has very nice touches , like a detachable bag inside to keep all the loose bits.very clever. 


Here’s what you’ve won…

You’ve won a Doughnut

a Doughnut

isn’t it nice, there is a lucky draw if u enter the bar code in the receipt, and i got a doughnut. haha. well that is nice because i went to claim the krispy kreme doughnut offer but i did not read the offer properly. it is only applicable if i buy a dozen doughnuts first, then i can buy 12 plain ones at 79p. well i was allready wondering how i am going to eat 12 doughnuts , and now i have to eat 24… too many!! haha. not to mention buying the first 12 will cost £10 at least. but this free doughnut i got is just great, now i can still have a doughnut without having to eat so many of them. haha. 

added 7.31am friday 15.7.16 i have a confession to make, i still like the traditional doughnut best of all.

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