a burgerking nugget treat,

16 Jul

london 3.09pm 25.6C partly cloudy saturday 2016

went to burgerking at kings cross today to redeem the voucher for  £1 for 9 chicken nuggets. good value i think , the receipt gave a row of different prices for it, from £4.80 to £1.99. so i dont know how much they sell normally. its been ages since i ate them and even then i got them at macdonalds; macnuggets. (i wonder if burgerking is copying macdonalds by selling chicken nuggets and branching into their business. )

now i notice they keep the sauces behind the counter and ask if u want them, and gave two ketchup satchets and 2 mayonnaise ones.

with macdonalds,in the past  they were in small pots, and there was mustard too, the pots make it easy to dip the nuggets in them.

 its quite nice though i would only buy them if they are £1. haha. they keep the napkins behind the counter too, and i have to ask for them. though she was very generous with the napkins… gave me a big bundle of them. i did notice people tend to waste them if the shop let them pick it up. they take too many and then throw them away. 

there was another voucher giving 6 for £1 which is not as good value. there were a lot of those unopened satchets of ketchup and mayonnaise people leave on their tray. the mayonnaise is particularly good, very nice  thick consistency. and should be good in a salad or in a sandwich.

there is a fish burger voucher for  £1 which i hope to redeem another time, when i feel like another visit to the burgerking. 

there was a demonstration in central london so the bus 73 to victoria which i caught at kings cross by -passed oxford st. i think every weekend there is a demonstration now so i must remember not to take any buses that goes through piccadilly or trafalgar square. usually my 88 which takes me right to my flat goes through there. added 7.28am 17.7.16. the papers say there were 3 groups simultaneously demonstrating in that central area. it says much to the credit of all concerned that it all went peacefully judgeing from there being no news of violence or mishaps in the news. though it is early and i well might find some reports of clashes between them later in the news. who knows. i am glad my bus avoided that area. 

coming back i see two envelopes for me from premium bonds, each containing a  £25 prize draw cheque. so this month i got £50 from them. rather nice dont you think?  

earlier this morning,i went to primark hoping to buy another 5 pack underwear. i would strongly advise going first thing in the morning when they are relatively quiet, otherwise the queue to pay will be very long.

i noticed they dont have the assorted colours briefs my size. but  they have a new selection of my size which are only black , still £4.50, so that is good, so i bought it anyway…at least black is better than all white i think as white tend to get blemished and look the worse for wear. i dont use bleach in my laundry so my whites never stay white after they are washed. and i dont dry the clothes in the sun, which is a natural bleacher.(what sun? we are talking of uk here).

those briefs are really very good, and the price cannot be beat. 

added. 17.7.16 madame tussauds is really popular … there were long queues when i was passing it on the bus on the way to kingscross, and even longer ones on my way back. i googled it to find it costs £34 entry. though there was a 2 for 1 offer till 31st oct 2016. maybe that explains the crowds. haha. i guess in terms of london, £17 for a tourist attraction is par for the course.


oh i find out how to enable a full size view of the single picture. just upload two pics and then edit it by deleting one of them. the remaining one will have that function where u can click on it to see the original size.


4 Responses to “a burgerking nugget treat,”

  1. Sarah M Sunday July 17, 2016 at 11:41 am #

    If you don’t keep things behind the counter people will take mounds of them, whether they want them or not. My mother had draws full of ketchup and sugar sachets and paper towels; some of them just have been 20 years old or more because she never used them. She just grabbed them because they were ‘free’.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday July 17, 2016 at 12:28 pm #

      so true, it is one of the things about human beings. i have seen people take lots of plastic bags , the clear ones that u put the loose fruits in, or bread, as well as the own brand ones at the supermarket self check outs. that was before they brought in the 5p rule.
      and you have pin pointed the anomaly … they dont use it up at home either. i can understand them taking it if they use it up.
      its only in the uk that shops let people take what they like. i dont recall ever seeing this in the continent or for that matter anywhere else in the world. have u seen it in china or elsewhere u have travelled to? i wonder if usa copies the uk in this regard. or maybe the uk copied the usa…

      • Sarah M Sunday July 17, 2016 at 12:45 pm #

        In Asia people would mostly use everything, I think. The middle classes wouldn’t take ketchup sachets. They would find it humiliating that their friends thought that they needed to do it; it’s all about saving ‘face’ and appearing as if you have enough money.
        Yes my aunt used to collect carrier bags. It would be embarrassing going to the supermarket with her, because she would grab so many of them. There’s a limit to how many bags you can get through.
        I always say it’s small town mentality. I only take things if I think I will use it.

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday July 17, 2016 at 1:07 pm #

    hmm, i would think in asia people would steal the chilli bottle. haha. we asians love chilli. there is that red chilli in vinegar, also the preserved greenchilli in vinegar that the hawkers would give out with the chicken rice or noodles that i find very nice. they used to keep a bottle of it on the table for customers to help themselves. needless to say that is soon stopped, and now they give out miserly portions haha.

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