dishoom eid festival at cubit square

17 Jul

london 5.35pm 26.7C clear,sunny with some clouds sunday 2016

i went to cubit square near kings cross for the dishoom ( a new -style , as opposed to the traditional type, indian curry restaurant) sponsored eid festival. i was there yesterday thinking it was on yesterday. its quite an interesting part of london that i have not been. the area has all new office and residential development, so new that bits are still being built.

the festival is lovely, dishoom provide unlimited pepsi drinks ( or what looked like pepsi, i did not take a close look as i wanted water only) and water with ice and sweet desserts. they are very filling. and hot tea, very delicious, one has ginger in it, the other have spices but i cannot guess what. i happen to be there when the first urn ran out and they brought in another full one. so that was why i got to taste two different types of tea. 

there were other stalls too run by other providers, and a stage with singers. and henna painting of the back of the hands of ladies, long queue of ladies waiting their turn, looking at it being done it looks like the woman was applying chocolate in a pattern using those spigots  holding the cream like people use to decorate cakes with.

there was a woman blowing up balloons and shaping them into lots of interesting shapes which she give to the kids. i got a picture of that kid she made a sword and handle for , all out of balloons. very clever.

on the way back i saw the entrance to st pancras, next to the kings cross entrance, and i went in to have a look and was really amazed at how modern and spacious and nice it looks. and not a train in sight. everyone seem to know where to go, but i myself was at a loss to know where the platforms are… until i walked right through it to the other side and emerged into a huge space with glass roof and the train was on the upper level running across the space above our heads. i have no idea if it is the tube train or the railway train. it looks like no railway station i have ever seen. maybe it is just me but it was real confusing, with no signs to direct me to the platforms at all. i think i would not like to be there to travael and looking for a train to my destination. the place is too futuristic for me. haha.

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