seems it will be the hottest day today

19 Jul

london 21.9C sunny 7.59am tuesday 2016

today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. it certainly looks lovely out there now, blue cloudless sky bright in the east above the rooftops of the block opposite me. and on the opposite side, the rising sun brightening up the penthouses of the luxury flats and glinting off the windows and casting the glare right into my flat.

 yesterday i went out at 6pm, lots of trees round me, so walking under them i thought it is not hot at all…because i was under the trees and their shade, which reminds me of my childhood days walking under the rain trees that line the roads in malaysia, even in the middle of kuala lumpur, and being reminded that trees are perfect for being under when u have such strong sun as now.

 and it carried on being pleasant right over the bridge across the thames, until i hit vauxhall, and then the heat came. all that concrete absorbing the heat and reflecting it back.

 saw an article in this blog answering the question by a gay man in a relationship whether he should have an open relationship.

 the writer has come into contact with  a lot of gay couples to take their picture and have asked them about their relationship and got a good idea of how gay couples handle their long term relationships.

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