movie franchise

20 Jul

london 5.39pm 30C sunny. wednesday 2016, been cloudy earlier in the day and i thought we wont get this high temperature but it is a strange thing that later in the day it gets to peak temperature when logically it should get hottest   just past noon when the sun is at its highest. but here logic does not work as it takes time for the sun to heat things up or the earth to lose its heat…   added. 5.50pm 29.7C… so it was just a short moment when it hit 30C.

i do like that people make so many movies every year. even though i dont pay to see them, because i think they are boring… last night or was it the other night there was a showing of Thor on tv. it was a premiere , meaning first time it is on terrestial tv.

i saw a little bit of the beginning but it was so dire, i switch channels to one of the channels showing old movies. haha.

then i read here about the war between critics and fans of the movie superman vs batman. its a silly premise for a movie anyway… logically superman has all those super powers, it would be a no brainer who will win… batman has no superpowers at all. good for catching criminals who are mortal men like him, but no match against superman… but that does not stop them taking it seriously and slanging each other off. haha. someone should tell them to calm down, it is only a movie.

but i am glad that there are so many movies made. because in amongst the dross u can get real gems and we can then see them on tv for years to come. haha.

added 8.19pm 26.3C ,so much cooler now. yesterday i saw a nice documentary about doping in sports. professionally and also with the ordinary bloke who works out in the gym. many take supplements and never realise they are doping themselves. steroids is the culprit. they showed one guy who developed kidney failure in later life and had to have dialysis. his wife donated one of her kidneys. then following that a documentary about wildlife in new zealand. both good examples of how good british tv is really. both of them on bbc2. and no adverts too.

it kind of reminds me why uk is such a nice place to live, for me, anyway. these are not the only reasons why i like it here. there are many things that are quite small by themselves but add up.



i happen to change buses at hyde park corner a few days ago, and had to cross this area in between the two bus stops. i always wonder how they put that huge statue on top of that arch. i suspect in pieces, and then assemble it at the top.

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