utube video about taiwan vs china

21 Jul

london 7.57am 16.8C sunny thursday 2016

the actual link to the utube video with comments there

from monkeyabroad.com it is a really good blog.


utube is really clever, in that i pasted the url link and instead of just having a link , i get the whole utube video pasted on and there u see it , the whole shebang on my blog.

his view about the chinese firewall hits the nail on the head.  he said it is the smartest invention in china because it allows china to create its own internet social media and keep it all in china and reap the profits for itself rather than shipped out via google etc. i agree with him it is a huge closed shop where the internet is concerned, not to mention what is more the desire of the govt to control the internet is easier when they own it.

the upside for us outside , is that we dont get plagued with chinese scammers sending scam to our emails etc… they are all in chinese if any get through and so we can block them straight away without even opening them. 

i think the west must acknowledge that the facebook twitter etc of social networking has helped the terrorists and formented unrest in the rest of the world. they can use those social media to communicate and recruit and coordinate. 

 and because china is so huge, with 1 billion people , the outside world wants to come in and blocking them they are the ones to lose out.

if india were more communist, it too could have done that… but india went a different route and now is more diverse than ever, which can bring its own downside… the tension between religious groups being one, and the huge income gaps between the few rich and vast poor. 

i think europe is trying to do that, by imposing conditions on google facebook etc. … and taxing them till they squeak.. and most probably the hidden message to all those american based social media like facebook, google, etc that if they dont pay their taxes, they will be barred from europe. in that sense europe has been good to the europeans. what they failed big way is their lack of leadership in dealing with migration and the terrorist threat, and the economy. if they had handled those well, they would be formidable and everyone would want to join them…(hang on , i just have a thought, all those refugees from north africa and beyond want to join them!!) but maybe to have so many countries all acting as one is quite impossible as each will want to gain advantage over the others.

the only way is to make everyone in europe give up their identity to their country but transfer it to a european identity. to think of themselves as european . not easy as each country has so much history of its own. 

uk is too small a market to twist their ( the big businesses) arm like that… that is why uk tax revenue and customs let them get away with it. but the uk has always been very lenient with big businesses not paying their share of tax. it wants them to stay in uk, it is too small to play tough with them, as they can easily move out(to ireland usually), so it keeps lowering corporate tax, it has been suggested it be lowered to 15% now.

but china can block them and does, and there is nothing they can do about it… whilst enjoying the plus of creating and controlling and profiting from their own social media. baidu is  essentially copying facebook, google, etc. no wonder it is worth so much.

he himself acknowledges that his videos are lifted wholesale and put on chinese media with chinese subtitles and those videos get far more viewers than his own videos on utube. ( and he does not get any money from them either, that is where the chinese act as internet pirates. haha)

added. 7.25am 29.7.16 friday it looks like some parts of this video has been censored in china. an opinion by his friend that taiwan still have the old chinese culture and practices , and a video scene of falun gong members meditating.

2 Responses to “utube video about taiwan vs china”

  1. Sarah M Friday July 22, 2016 at 2:06 pm #

    I can’t watch the video as my internet here is so slow, but the trouble with the Chinese system was that it was controlling everybody. Controlling the social networks makes it easier to monitor, easier to find who’s commenting on political issues they want hushed up and that sort of thing.
    That firewall was one of the worse things about being in China. It sounds like nothing but the pure exasperation of not being able to communicate with the outside world, of waking up in the morning and finding the authorities had detected your unblocker and you had to waste time finding another unblocker just so you could get in to your gmail account or look at pictures of your friend’s new baby or whatever.

    • alifesgayventure Friday July 22, 2016 at 2:30 pm #

      ya, from all accounts it was awful for those who want to hear from outside china, but i guess to the ordinary chinese citizen who likes the way the govt has brought a lot of prosperity to china ( up till now that is) and is not interested in the outside world, they dont get spammed by the outside world too, so it does not matter.
      we here in the west value free speech but with social media u get really bad types free to spout their hateful messages and to recruit others to bomb innocents , a heavy price we pay for allowing them their free speech. is it worth it i wonder? have they the right to bomb us? even if some of us must die to protect their right for free speech ?… i must say i find it rather difficult to uphold their free speech to kill us. do we give our enemies free speech to kill us? in this context, i think the internet needs some monitoring to remove the extreme people that can hijack it for their own ends. but a true advocate of free speech will have to let them carry on and consider being bombed to death as a price worth paying for upholding the principle of free speech. how many will uphold free speech to that extent i wonder.

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