carnaby st food fest

23 Jul

london 5.07pm 27.4C  saturday 2016

really saw the full effect of this sun when i was coming back on the bus and saw the white light reflected off the pavements and the dark sharply defined shadows that people were casting on the ground. such a lot of people too on the pavements, with the roads practically empty with only buses using it. 

trafalgar square were so busy with a busking competition on.

i was coming back from the carnaby st food festival. they were giving away free ice lollies, soft drinks, and icecream- between- two- cookies. added… they call it an icecream sandwich. long queues at that one as u might expect as it takes time to prepare them. they put a scoop of icecream between two cookies and sprinkle things on top, i wanted nuts. the ice lollies are easier to get,but only one for each person. lots of flavours, the mango and lime has run out, so i got the passion fruit and green tea. i found out if i suck it i can get the flavour. i was nipping off the icelolly and eating the ice, which is totally not the way to do it. i have not eaten ice lollies since i was a kid, and have forgotten how to eat it.

lots of stalls selling food for £5. dont think anyone was shopping. there were so many things going on in the street outside the shops.


One Response to “carnaby st food fest”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday August 6, 2016 at 11:11 am #

    Thanks for showing Carnaby St😊

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