i made my will today

26 Jul

london5.51pm 21.3C tuesday 2o16 cloudy

most people dont talk about making their will , their last will and testament. well i am going to talk of it now. i opt for the £240 one that allows me to make unlimited alterations to the will in future. i have been sometimes unable to sleep because i dont have a will. i know how horrendous it is to the ones left behind to unravel the estate of someone who has died intestate. my next thing to do is to compile a list of all the things that i own. bank accounts, etc etc. quite a bore really but have to be done.

a few weeks ago   i happen to be at a 50+ exhibition, not intending to buy anything really but there was a stall where i see that they do wills. they are also financial advisers too. but the will was the one i was interested in, and they make me an appointment , which is today, to see them at their office, and after  2hrs of discussion i found myself agreeing to this making a will… at last… i should add.

it has taken a load off my mind.

i know i am worth something, because of this flat of mine. a flat that i bought with very little money, and seems to have earned more money than what i earned in the whole of my career. haha.  that is life for you. anyway that is one load taken off my mind.

but as usual with having money it means other things come into play. but in a way fortunately i will be dead then, and so my beneficiary will deal with it, not me. haha. it is a morbid exercise really… because it all comes into play when i am no more. no more breathing for me, and enjoying this lovely life , of enjoying being alive and well, and happy to be living in this earth and seeing all the lovely things that are in it, and just having simon around and pottering in the kitchen, or asleep in the bedroom. i hope to enjoy them and him for a long time… 


humans are so bloody marvelous, aren’t they. you can only be filled with admiration at man’s ingenuity. somehow they are all men, who do these things. see the video of some bricklayers building a vaulted roof from bricks only. what keeps the bricks up even in the middle of the roof?!!


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