VCR recorders and gadgets

27 Jul

london 9.42am 18.2C cloudy wednesday 2016

my friend has been trying to persuade me to buy a smartphone saying it is £100 or so now. he calls that cheap. not to me it is not. and all because he wants to be able to use whatsapp, and skype to chat to me.

my chrome book cannot take skype. though chrome has been saying it is making it available, but only to certain brands with their latest models. mine is a toshiba chrome book and skype is not working on it. fortunately i dont really like to chat on the phone. it is very intrusive because phone calls and alerts make u compelled to answer them.

i keep reading that smartphones are getting cheaper, but in london i have yet to come across one that cost  less than £25 that i would like. i read in india they are cheap, one , named the freedom phone is £3. but it will never be sold here in uk at that price. and perhaps there are catches to that, one would be wary of a phone so cheap , some corners must be cut. though maybe if all you want is a smartphone to get wifi , surf the net and receive emails,skype and whatsapp, it will do surely? but for now i must be one of the very few individuals who  have never owned a smartphone.

reminds me of the dinosaurs who still use video recorders. it seems a company that makes them have finally decided to stop producing them. who buys VCR videos recorders nowadays?? maybe all those with old video tapes that they want to see movies or porn on. haha. even myself have got rid of my old video recorder and video tapes. they were superseded by dvd recorders but i do miss not being able to record the tv programs on my old VCR recorders. those were simpler times really. on the other hand, the picture quality on them is not very high. whereas now we have High definition, which does make everything much nicer to watch.

last call to all windows users to upgrade to free windows 10, before 31july. must be quite anxiety inducing to some, who are fearful they will lose something if they do. i could of course tell them buy a chrome book, haha. but they might be in that state of sticking to something even if it is real bad for them , because they fear getting rid of it and trying something new. i used to be like that, until my laptop using windows became so slow that even i got fed up, and so i uploaded chrome and found it was faster and easier to use and no more filled with dread everytime something has to be upgraded wondering if it is a virus, and the anxiety of uploading the upgrade and the fearful period waiting  to see if the system still works.

after that it was a no brainer to switch to chromebooks when my laptop died and i had to buy a replacement. and it has been happily ever after ever since. haha.



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