illegal workers in uk

28 Jul

london 2.36pm 20.7C cloudy 2016 thursday

there is the news of byron, the hamburger chain of restaurants, having 35 of its workers found out to be illegal workers. the company is not to be fined, as it has followed all the procedures. it was the workers who gave false documents. when u consider they may have 1500 employees, 35 is not a lot of illegal workers. it seems 15 restaurants in the london area were targetted. it might be just  a message that home office is signalling to all illegal workers that their days are numbered.

.this is old news in a way as the thing was done on 4july. it only came to light because one of the workers who was not an illegal and still works for byron told a spanish newspaper, about it. the illegals were from non EU countries.

the social networks are calling for a boycott of the chain, saying they set up a trap by asking the workers to a health and safety meeting at 9.30am, the restaurants open at 11am.

i think there is no reason to boycott the chain. they are following the law after all. illegal workers are not wanted.

it is tough on those who have been here long time working as illegal workers. some of them in byron have been there for 4 years. but they must know at the bottom of their hearts that they are living on borrowed time. sooner or later they will be found out and then they will have to leave. unless of course they find a citizen to marry. even that is being tightened up. in this country no one can work without national insurance, so they must have it. how did they get it? unless those who issue the national insurance numbers never check that they are legal. or they might be legal when the first applied, say as a student here, and then overstay their visa. 

but it might be a future indication of what will happen to EU citizens when we brexit. they wont have automatic right to work here.

also there will be a shortage of workers in the restaurant and catering trade that is for sure when we brexit. though other countries outside the EU might benefit, as more work permits might be given to those in south america, asia, etc if europe do not allready fill up those vacancies.   as it is byron will have to find more recruits, to replace these illegal workers and i wonder how easy it is to find them.

london esp is a magnet for jobs, that is why it attracts so many EU citizens. after brexit, they might not find it so easy to come here to work, and maybe more of them will stay in their own country and  it may be they will take more interest in the politics of the EU, and elect leaders who would promise them jobs. rather than run to england and get jobs here. it might make them vote for a govt that would be anti brussels for a change. as it is by coming to uk they have let the govt of their country off the hook. with more of these people having to stay at their own country they might create a pressure cooker effect, where the lack of jobs make them elect govts that will promise jobs and not let brussels dictate to them.

without uk to run to for jobs, they might not be so keen on supporting the EU. they might well ask what is the point if u cannot get automatic rights to go for jobs in uk.

and they might have to change their hours of work. no more long siestas and early closing. the workers will really have to work … instead of running their shop as a convenience to themselves rather than to the customers. 




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