29 Jul

london 5.40am 16.9C light rain friday 2016

actually i have been up since 3.30am, woken up because i got hot in bed. though it was raining outside, or it looked like it had rained, the ground was wet. so it should have cooled the air a bit but not in bed. 

i intend to just go online for an hour or so and then get back to sleep.

i have been looking for milkpowder prices online and who sells it cheapest. this is because tesco has stopped selling their basic milk powder £1.15 for 454gms. i found out yesterday when i went to the tesco in vauxhall. they have rearranged everything on the shelves and so it was rather irritating to try to find my usual stuff… i have to ask a staff member, to find that they dont stock any of the basic milkpowder anymore.

so that was why they rearrange all the goods. it is a way to make people forget the old prices and to remove some stock. ah well, if they do it, and they are entitled to do it, i shall just go elsewhere.added. 1.8.16 i googled tesco basic milk powder, and it throws up a page which says tesco has stopped producing this milkpowder. 

i find sainsbury now sells the basic milkpowder for £1.40 for 500mg, so that is just only slightly more expensive than the old price i got. so i shall go to sainsburys then. thank goodnesss for competition.

strangely enough none of the budget supermarkets like lidl or aldi sell it cheaper.

i dont really use a lot of it,  i add milkpowder just for the colour it imparts to my coffee. haha. it takes me a month to finish off the pack.  life is really very simple once u strip out all the extraneous stuff. i seem to have strip out milk from my diet and dont miss it.

when i woke up it was still dark outside. but just now when i opened the curtains to look out to see if it is raining or not,so i can put it on the daily log on the top of my post i see it is allready light.

before, i had  the curtains  drawn and i was using the lamp light to see. it is really interesting that with the curtains drawn it looks like night inside the flat. when the sun has been coming up outside without me noticing.

early morning is a really lovely time to be up. and a cup of coffee by my side sipping occasionally is really a good way of contemplating life and appreciating it.

it is very quiet here, no bird calls, which i would  normally expect to hear seeing there are birds living around here, even in central london, and they do make a noise at dawn. but strangely not today… even the gulls that nest in the chimney of the block across from mine is silent. have they all gone on holiday like it seems the rest of britain have done? haha. come to think of it, i have not seen birds around here for some time. i wonder what is up! i am wondering if birds have a secret life and they are doing it now.

added a correction. i am hearing a loud cackling from a bird now. so maybe it is the gulls , they are still here. 

here he is, and there are two of them.





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