fewer plastic bags

30 Jul

london 9.08am 17.2C cloud saturday 2016

a report on the outcome of the introduction of 5p charge on plastic bags in england, a huge reduction of 85% , similar to what happen when it was introduced in other areas of uk. i hope it also changes people’s habits like it did mine. i find that i have stopped using plastic to wrap my rubbish . i tip it onto newspapers and wrap that up. so there is no need to buy bin liners at all.

the % figure does not really show how big the reduction is in real terms. since england uses 7billion bags a year before the charge, the savings are huge, 6billion less bags a year. compare that to scotland which also have a similar % reduction. but they only use 8oomillion bags a year. so their impact is small. there had been dire predictions by the supermarkets about introducing it to england, but none of that have come to pass. from this people should perhaps learn not to be so afraid of changes. 


leicester square, from the upper floor of the burgerking. the powers that be are very lenient about buskers blocking the way… these guys are blocking one of the entrance to the square.  i guess they are including these buskers as providing part of the attraction to the square.

in the past it used to be chaotic with the buses disrupted when they hold the prudential cycling event in london, but this time the buses at least have gotten more organised and diverted the buses more cleverly.

i was at the centre of town today, and got a real nice quick ride with the diverted bus 88 from the haymarket to victoria, without any stops along the way. just like being on a chauffeured ride , i might possibly be the only one on that bus, as it followed another that came earlier that was jammed packed with people. tomorrow might be more of a challenge for the motorists, as the whole of the countryside south of london will be affected.


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