another sunday in london

31 Jul

london 11.54am 20.7C scattered clouds sunday 2016

they have closed vauxhall bridge.  so early too in the day for the ride event. just when i wanted to catch the 36 to the paddington library. sigh,i forgot they do it every year when they have this cycling event supposedly to commemorate the 2012 olympics . quite a pain in the a, really.

so the 36 route is now cut in half, one half going north from victoria to queens park, the other half keeping south of the river with the 436. and that stretch of road in vauxhall bridge road between vauxhall and victoria, is empty of buses.

for some reason there are no signs in victoria to tell traffic not to come down here, that vauxhall bridge is closed, so u get a queue of vehicles finding too late that they cannot go over vauxhall bridge. at least the buses are more organised now than last year. with them warning us of it, and splitting the bus routes like this.

there was a chinese guy at the bus stop and he did not know what was going on, so i took him with me to the victoria bus stop to catch his bus. he wanted to go to selfridges. but he did not speak a word of english,he is from hangchow, or at least it sounded like it.  he showed me in his smartphone where he wanted to go. i asked him whether he got google translate, but i dont think he understands. and my chromebook dont have a bookmark for google translate, even though i use it a lot to translate stuff… it is just that i can bring it up when i right click the page but without a page to right click it wont come up,  so i could not bring it up to use for him.

it makes me realise  i should have  bookmarked it for such an occasion like this. ( done, so next time i will be able to chat with these people who dontknow english haha.) added. 8.17pm i realised there was no wifi, so i would not be able to use it anyway. ah well. i would have been able to if i can get wifi. haha. actually is there an app for google translate, or some kind of translation app? if not there should be and everyone who is travelling, or deals with tourists should have that app installed.

he showed me a family group picture with his son, a woman who looked young enough so might be his son’s wife, and two small kids.  he pointed to son, and mimicked drawing so i gathered the son  is studying art and lives nearby. so possibly the son studies in the chelsea school of art, which is next door to the tate britain.

he pulled out his passport and pointed out his birth date. he is 60. though he looks younger. 

i am glad i went to clapham junction yesterday to buy peaches from lidl , today would be impossible to go there. they are selling 1kg peaches for 59p. quite a nice price. actually it wont be impossible, as the buses to the lidl in clapham junction from vauxhall are still running. i have allready eaten one pack that i bought. they are nice. reminds me of the time i was in capdagde, where i would buy just one to eat , it is just an excuse to go shopping naked at the supermarket haha; capdagde is a naturist town in south france. and it was really delicious ,sweet and juicy.i have never found such peaches in uk.

 these are not as juicy, but nice enough esp for the price. you could be paying more and still not get them as nice. these are just coming to ripen, whereas the more expensive peaches are not really ripe enough and u are supposed to wait patiently for it to ripen. something that i dont have the patience for.

oh, in case it sounds like i am upset about this cycle ride and its disruption of traffic, i am not really. there is the tube, so not much of a disruption really for those who really want to go somewhere by public transport, they can. the motorists might have good cause to get a bit frustrated, as they might get caught out, if they really want to get somewhere today. so i suppose we should give them our sympathy. but london is still rather nice to be in.

i popped into a marks and spencers on my way back fr the library, and had to take the tube at edgeware tube station as the buses dont go up to victoria , stopping at marble arch instead; because that m&s shop looked so inviting… and saw they have a £10 meal for 2. u can chose a whole chicken,(that alone costs about £6.) plus a dessert and a side dish… and a free bottle of wine. hmm, it is really good value for money if u like to drink… i regret i dont, otherwise i would be real tempted. 

a little girl has grown these in the earth that surrounds a tree in marylebone. so far no tomatoes but i would hope they crop so i can eat them. haha. it is not really easy to grow tomatoes. the plant can grow but you might not get any tomatoes, or if u do, they dont ripen. i think it needs very rich soil.


2 Responses to “another sunday in london”

  1. Sarah M Monday August 1, 2016 at 9:19 pm #

    Hangzhou maybe? There is an Google translate app; it works better with wifi but has a limited offline dictionary. Good for menus.

  2. alifesgayventure Monday August 1, 2016 at 9:56 pm #

    yes, it is hangzhou, (i found out it is near shanghai, when i googled it.) i think every traveller should have this app installed in their smartphone. i noticed there is a microphone logo in it, so does it mean a person can speak into it, and get the speech written out and translated and spoken as well. if so it is epic.

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