serpentine gallery

2 Aug

london 9.26pm 19.7C light rain tuesday 2016

ian suggested going there for our meetup so that is how i came to see the pavilion and stuff.

every year a different structure is commissioned but i have not gone to see them. ian did ask me why i dont.

it is the same with me not using my freedom pass to travel all over london when it is free for me to do so. i said i seem to have gone of going to see things for the sake of seeing them. but i have to say it was nice to see the pavilion, and i am glad he suggested meeting there. one does need friends to drag one out and do things. 

he said he goes walking with his boyfriend recently to cheshunt, and said it has the most beautiful park he has seen in all his wanderings around london.

i found out about his boyfriend liking to take walks and wanting him to come along;  when i saw some blackberry bushes nearby and said i read recently that due to the cold spring the blackberries are going to be late ripening and pointing out it is so, because the bush still has unripe blackberries. that was when he said they picked blackberries on their walk in cheshunt. 


One Response to “serpentine gallery”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday August 6, 2016 at 1:19 pm #

    Interesting structures!

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