market forces

3 Aug

london 11.38am 21.4C sunny wednesday 2016 the night temperature has been 19C throughout. i think it is very mild.

i went to lidl again this morning to buy peaches. they change their value 6 fruit and veg  every thursday and i think i must have caught them over the changeover. the marked price of the peaches are 59p for 1kg, yet when i went to pay, i was charged 49p for 1kg.

so it looked like these ones i got are meant for tomorrow.(i shall see if tomorrow the prices reflect this) they are smaller so there are more of them in the pack, and just about ripe… which means they should be eaten quick. maybe that explains why they are cheaper. at these prices you can buy 2or 3 packs easily and many shoppers in lidl are, like me, doing that. ( i have just eaten 3 of them, one after another. they are that easy to eat and just ripe too. haha. )

i noticed they are from spain. perhaps with the £ going down, these peaches are not being bought in the normal advance purchase so they have been lying around not sold , until now when they become so ripe the producers  are forced  to reduce their wholesale prices so that they can be sold  and lidl is able to get to grab this bargain.   certainly this year peaches (and nectarines too because they too are on sale in lidl for the same price)have been the cheapest i have seen and all because of lidl.  the other supermarkets are still selling their peaches at higher prices.

this should be the normal way , when there is a glut during summer they should sell these fruits cheap so that we all can taste them… but it does not happen because the market controls the sale, and regulates the supply . this year that mechanism must have been thrown out of kilter from our brexit, and the £ dropping so much.

so far tomatoes are not cheap… so i wonder who is controlling their supply. but tomatoes are a tricky fruit to grow. they are very fussy growers. simon tells me his mum grows them in her garden and some years they  get a glut other times nothing or they dont ripen.

while i imagine fruit trees will continue to put out fruits. haha.



a lovely long border of these flowers, which are weeds really but the gardener has planted them. its near the swimming area of the lake in hyde park.. taken by ian, that is why they dont enlarge to a bigger size.

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