olympic woes

4 Aug

london 6.15am 16.2C thursday 2016 sunnyscatteredclouds. rain at 11.30am.

read this article about the olympic woes in rio de janeiro. it is starting tomorrow, friday. 

the oil price drop has really made the city poorer, as it depands on it for revenue. so money is short. but also corruption has made things worse.

the one thing that might have made it worthwhile,and justify all that money being spent…giving a lasting legacy to all those living around the bay where rio is, the cleaning up of the bay, has failed. those beautiful beaches have polluted waters. maybe that is why when i was there long ago, i dont see many people swimming. it must be even more polluted now.

it asked why cities want to host the olympics. i think the answer maybe that it is instigated by the corrupt officials and business people who can see it will give them a chance to make a killing, a chance to fleece the state and make loads of dosh. a chance to land grab and throw poor people/existing businesses off the land. ❤

(i saw this post about how to make a heart. >3

how to type emojis


my very camp action man seemingly pensively looking out of the window in contemplation. <+3

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