pavement resurface

5 Aug

london 20.1C sunny friday 2016

23.8C sunny. 3.24pm

this must be the highest temperature we will be getting today. its very pleasant. i used to think 25C is ideal, but now this one is ok too. i am very glad to be living in london with such pleasant temperatures. i think the humidity must be low too. certainly i dont get sweaty. 


a humdrum look at what happens on the streets. pavement resurfacing. it hints of the fact that in a city, such maintainance is ongoing, otherwise the infrastructure gets run down and shabby. it suggests the city is well managed, and prosperous. this pavement do not get much traffic. that is why it is the first time i seen it being replaced to such an extent. about midway along the length is the entrance to the little garden on the right. and that pavement there is more worn out. though not really by much. recently the road itself has been repaved.

 added 8.16pm 22.3C took another few pics of that pavement. to show progress after 1day.

view at both ends taken today. 1 day after the two pics above

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