beef sausages

6 Aug

london 10.11am 19.8C forecast 25C high.sunny saturday 2016

usually i will be off to the library by now. but i thought i shall not be such a creature of habit and put in some variations to my routine now and then. its a lovely day to be out, but there is no hurry.

so i got to enjoy my breakfast of beef sausages , egg, and tomato. all fried of course. i found out a way of cooking sausages without much oil. just heat up a frying pan, and when hot throw in all the 8 sausages and cook, shaking it now and then to roll the sausages around, thus you shift the surfaces in contact with the pan so it does not burn. the oil from the sausages is enough. what i am saying is that u dont need a lot of oil to fry your sausages. 

while writing the above , the postman came, at least i heard my letter box being rattled. when i looked, there was an envelope from the electoral services. it is a form to fill so they can check who is eligible to register to vote. they do it often.  they provide a stamp free envelope.all these posts must cost a bit of money. but i guess that is the price of democracy.

you could do it online, or by telephone, or even by text, but i am old fashioned, i like replying by signing  the form, there is no filling it as the information is the same; and sending it by post. of course i shall post it to them as i want to keep my eligibility to vote. actually no other identification is asked for, just my signature. strange isn’t it. anyone could sign it really. i wonder what safeguard they have. of course they will know my signature by now and have a record of it… so that might be the safeguard. 

it had allowed me to vote in the recent referendum.  there are no more elections in the near future. so maybe they might be thinking there might be a spot election , what do they call it, when the govt calls an election before the 5 yrs are up. if even here in the uk we get questions about false voters, i wonder how much easier it must be in other less developed countries for false voters to be added. 

added. 9.31pm 23.3C the brazil olympics started last night, i saw a bit of the beginning , 11.45pm GMT. but i did not stay to see to the end. i did not bother to see all the london olympics opening show and that was supposed to be very good. so far less will i wait up just to see this. the bbc4 is devoted all their time to showing it today and into the evening. so i guess that channel will be useless for me till the olympics is over. i know a lot of people like to watch these sports and it is a way of things to do. sometimes i would like to be like them, just to have something to do. or be with others who like these things and have companionship. but i dont like it so that is that. haha. i shall have to find other people to like what i like. at the moment i dont seem to like a lot of things. how boring you must be thinking. afraid so. 




Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

these are beef sausages. i bought them for 45p yesterday , reduced from £1.50. it is rare to get beef sausages reduced like this.usually we get pork sausages.  and having tasted them this morning i must say they are absolutely scrumptious. so firm and tasty. hardly any fat.

added 7.8.16 sunday. it is worst than i thought. if u think bbc4 given all over to the olympics is bad, i found out today looking at the tv for the rest of the week that bbc1 is also doing that too. plus a large chunk of bbc2. what is it with the bbc? 

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