where is russia in these olympic games?

13 Aug

london 24.4C sunny 5.50pm saturday 2016

the olympics without the russians gives everyone else a chance to get gold or silver or bronze medals. as in life, someone lose, others gain. but in this case, it seems the western world gains a little. haha. the russians were not mentioned at all in the daily medal tally so much so that i thought they were banned totally. until i remember  they only banned the russian paralympians. so some russians must be competing in these games so what happened to them? they seem to have disappeared. so i googled russia in the games 



3 1 2 6
2 0 1 3
0 2 2 4
0 2 1 3
0 1 2 3

such poor showing. they were not featured in the daily tally of medals that have usa, china, leading the field and this shows why. only 5 golds and in rather obscure sports. they used to dominate the swimming, and gymnastics… now nothing. the drugs really work it seems to improve performances because with only clean athletes they are not winning much. (added. 14.8.16 correction. that last statement is wrong. it seems whole teams were banned from certain sports,eg  track and field. where one got through but was suspended.) does not prove the drugs work. it is difficult to prove a negative.)


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