we are having a nice summer-y august

15 Aug


london 4.49pm 23C monday 2016

i went out to chinatown around 1pm, just to find an excuse to get out of the flat, and enjoy this lovely weather we are having. it is not a heat wave as predicted by any means. in fact there is talk that the heat wave, caused by a plume from spain may not happen at all. hope so. this temperature is good enough for me. quite ideal.

anyway i bought curry powder, £1.50, my usual brand , gone up by 5p since i last bought it. its 250mg. and lasts me quite a long time. i wanted to buy some more of that cheap instant noodle, 10p each, but it is all sold out. and i noticed the individual ones sold on the shelf have gone up in price by 5p, to 45p each.

coming back i was caught by a group of people protesting against the ethiopia govt. they were blocking traffic and delaying the buses. in the end, i left the bus and walked back. it was quite a pleasant walk, along the river bank.

i hope most of us are just enjoying the weather and enjoying their lives, as i am. forget politics and live for now. if u are in good health, enjoy it.

the football season is starting now. simon has got it showing on tv now.

 the cricket is on too, on saturday i was walking across vauxhall bridge at about 7pm, and saw a crowd of people walking towards me, crossing the bridge and others walking towards vauxhall station. the crowd coming from the oval, which is just up the road. 


added. 6.48pm 21.4C i got this in my wordpress reader, about edmonton, alberta, having no public transport connection to the newly located greyhound (for  long distance travel) (at first when i read the headline, i was thinking there was a stadium there for greyhound racing. haha) bus station.

we are so used to having a long distance bus station being connected by local transport , it seems that is expected… and we are talking of cities that are in the third world countries… or developing countries if u like… but here we have a first world country and the fifth largest city in it, not having this basic local transport connection.

makes u realise that in parts of these first world country they have so bad services, u cannot even compare them to third world services. they are in a outpost that have no comparison with anything, not even the poorest countries in the world, except maybe akin to villages in the remote amazon. (I am not thinking of edmonton when i said that. i am thinking o those remote eskimo towns in the far north, deep within the arctic circle where the only way to get there is to fly in and only at certain times of the year.)

how do they expect people to take the greyhound than? surely if there is no local connection, there will be so few customers, it just wont be worth it to have a greyhound service at all. i suspect that greyhound have given up on edmonton … and just put on a token service. i suspect it is the fact that very very few people use greyhound to travel to or from edmonton have led to this. not the other way round. practically everyone flies to and from there. or take the train. road travel in winter must be near impossible surely. so it is possible that for 6months of the year, there is no greyhound service at all ?i bet.

the greyhound shares its location with the long haul train station. so it looks like train customers are just as badly served. i can remember when i used greyhound in usa, (LA to and fro san francisco actually)that the big factor in its favour is that it is always located downtown, and so takes you straight into the heart of the city . unlike train stations which can be miles from the city centre. but for edmonton, that is no longer the case. 

googled it and found that it takes about 3.5hrs to travel by bus from calgary to edmonton. £18 one way. so it seems it is feasible. you can fly , but it costs £200 rtn. so it seems the city is saying u can take this cheap option, but u will need to get someone to give u a lift when u get there. or fork out for a taxi. haha. canada can really rub your face in it, if u are from the poor class.

no wonder they say only the very poor people use the buses if this is how they treat their customers. and no wonder i read that people in usa, or canada too it seems, consider it so shameful to have to use the bus, you are considered to have sunk so low, that they don’t if they can help it.



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