free food, and a tale of woe

16 Aug

london 12.58pm 22.1C sunny tuesday 2016

i was at the library this morning and a timeout magazine was stuck between the pages of the daily mirror newspaper. so i got to read it, it came out today.

and i saw a entry saying free sandwich given out by this place,cure and cut, in seven dials, covent gdn. it starts at 12pm, so i went there and there was not much of a queue. only two people and i found out that they are the same couple who i saw at the bodean free ribs lunch. and at the free breakfast at hoxten square. haha.

this sandwich is made of some very salty pastrami , and there was cheese too, between two slices of bread and the whole thing toasted.

there was no queue at all, it might be no one knows of it as it is only today that the timeout came out, but this promotion continues tomorrow, where he gives away another 50 sandwiches . so tomorrow might be a busier time.

the couple told me if i want more free food, there is a promotion down the road by shake shack, giving away free hamburgers.

but i got chatting to a guy who got his free sandwich, and ask me if it is pork or beef. i did not know… so he asked the couple who said it was beef. turned out he can eat beef, not pork. but he said he wont eat the cheese as it is so salty… and he mentioned he was working once at a well known chain sandwich firm, and saw the workers there putting in so much salt.

he is so particular about eating salt, that he did not eat the other half of the sandwich. so he is even more disciplined than me. i would eat the other half, as i dont like to waste food.

i told him the salt is the one that stop me buying food from outside… so i only eat them when it is free.

though even then, i did not go to the shake shack to get the free hamburger…

we chatted about his marriage to a moroccan woman, he brought her to uk from morocco, had 2children by her, she brought over her father , who continuously say morocco is better, ( one wonders why he came to uk then, maybe the daughter told him to. not realising that to him morocco is best and that he would be happier if he had remained in morocco.   now he is forever missing morocco. so  all you children who think u know best for your parents and bring them here, you are not doing them any favours…)

and he was telling me how he lost everything when his wife suddenly turned against him and got him evicted from the council flat he had, (in sloane square too, he is damn lucky to get a council flat in sloane square), lost now to his wife who kept the kids too and cut him out of their lives, while he still have to pay maintainance to the child benefit agency. all in all, a sorry tale of woe.

there has been a hooha from feminists asking that a conservative MP be suspended from parliament , because in a conference speech he said the justice laws are biased against men, and that feminists want to have their cake and  eat it. he was only speaking the truth and this chap’s woeful tale  is just one illustration of how men get the worse end of the stick. here is a transcript of his speech.

 chatting to him and hearing his tale of woe i told him i am right glad i am gay and have nothing to do with women, because from all that i hear, they are toxic. 

what is showing now in the vue cinema in leicester square. i confess i am only attracted to it by the big central poster of zac effron.haha.

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