lost thing

18 Aug

london 3.15pm 24.5C cloudy but bright. thursday 2016

i find a lot of things on the street, so someone must have dropped it by mistake. well today, that someone is me. oh dear. i am so very careful too about keeping my things safe. but today i slung my track top over my shoulder, instead of putting it into my knapsack as i should. and it must have dropped off without me realising where. 

ah well, it was rather an old thing, but i guess it has now joined all the other things that have been left behind and now has joined all those things that are to be found by some one else. haha. i guess it is full circle … for years, i have picked things up on the streets, and now i guess it is my turn to contribute to all that … someone else will find my stuff and i hope use it and be happy with it, like i have been so many times before when i find stuff that others have dropped. 




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