24 hour city comes to london

19 Aug

london 8.51pm 18.1C highest 19.8C raining friday 2016

tonight the start of the all night tube in london. it is only the victoria and central line. south london wont be served. and it is only on friday and saturday. so not 7/7. 

i suppose south london is used to being the neglected child in this. though so much of south london has only buses serving it, that extending the tube further south wont make much difference. buses brings u right to your destination, which is the best thing about buses. and at night u would love that , so u dont have far to walk from your bus stop to get back home.

i dont know about you but if i live quite far from a tube station, i rather take a night bus from central london, where there are other people about, that sets me down right near where i live,  rather than take the tube, and get out from a isolated tube station in the outskirts and wait all alone for a night bus  from there to take me to my home. 

it would be interesting to know how many really gain from this 24 hr tube service. maybe a year from now they will have more data to see if it really does make a difference. or will buses be drastically reduced because fewer people use them.

they are saying houses in zones 3-6 will be more attractive and prices will take a hike.( i mean a rise).  perhaps night workers, or people working in shifts will welcome this and enjoy faster travel, but only for those working over the weekend.

security must be the biggest concern. how to keep terrorists from planting a bomb in there , in a network that spans so vast an area, with so many stations open and hardly any staff . in the day, with so many passengers to keep an eye on any suspicious activity or package, it is a good safeguard, but in the dead of night….?  

in the past when all the stations are closed, anyone lurking in the area will be suspicious, but now with these places open, anyone can walk in carrying any number of things. i wonder if the security people have thought about it. they must have and decided it is safe. so i guess we can only hope they are right.

this reuters report says night trains rumbling all night will be noisy for those people who live near the tracks. 

added. 9.54am sat 20.8.16 16.9C cloudy i saw a copy of wednesday’s evening standard, lying on my bedroom floor. it is devoted specially to news about the 24hr tube service.  there was an article about new night buses being launched to service the northern end of the victoria line, and the eastern end of central line. so walthamstow, stratford, leytonstone, crouch end, muswell hill and ilford will benefit. there will also be a 24hr service on theE1 bus between greenford and ealing. (that is in the western end of the central line). 94 bus from picadilly circus to acton green will continue , they had intended services to be cut.

new bus routes are 34 barnet church to walthamstow central. 123 ilford high road to wood green. 145 leytonstone to dagenham. 158 stratford to chingford mount. 296 ilford broadway to romford. E1 greenford broadway to ealing broadway. W3 finsbury park to northumberland park. W7 finsbury park to muswell hill broadway. they run every 30mins. a further 7 bus routes have been introduced.

service staff in the tube stations have been told not to get in the way of fare dodgers. so it does look like fare dodgers can get away with it. its like a free service then.

also what if homeless people start staying  in these tube trains… esp during winter… they can stay in all night. i can see there will be lots of fun and games to be had by all those involved.

i daresay someone will complain of being raped… how soon that will happen i wonder. any bets on that? knowing human beings some soul will contrive to have that experience. not to mention will the tube turn out to be the new way for gays to cruise. haha . robbery of course will happen too. when u get drunk people who can barely stand, they will be ripe for the picking. 

all to provide a few a faster way home. is it worth it i wonder? maybe it is… if it brings in more traffic into london and increase profits for businesses there , and we are talking not only central london but the whole of greater london. i can envisage taxis losing business. i suppose it is inevitable that london will have a 24hr tube service. all cities worth the name should have a 24hr tube service really. it will be an interesting experiment this one.

added. 11.53am 17.5C friday 30.9.16 found out what this plant is called. rowan. it is featured in the guardian country diary for today. there are trees and shrubs of this plant everywhere near where i live. the birds eat them, when they are ripe. 

The fruit of European Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) can be made into a slightly bitter jelly which in Britain is traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to game, and into jams and other preserves, on their own, or with other fruit. The fruit can also be a substitute forcoffee beans, and have many uses in alcoholic beverages: to flavour liqueurs and cordials, to produce country wine, and to flavour ale. In Austria a clear rowan schnapps is distilled which is called by its German name Vogelbeerschnaps. Czechs also make a Rowan liquor called jeřabinka[11] and the Welsh used to make one called diodgriafel.[12] 

extract from wikipedia



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