tesco raising its basic coffee price by 40%

22 Aug

london 1.29pm  22.7C cloudy but bright. monday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i just filled up the tesco jar with the morrisons coffee. in fact, if tesco would get rid of the glass jar and keep the price at 50p in a sealed bag, i would prefer that than hiking their price by 20p. as it is i have to throw away many of these glass jars in the recycling bins.

i saw i had run out of the tesco basic coffee , but i was really surprised when i went to the tesco this morning and saw that they have increased the price from 50p to 69p. that is a 40% increase. what rotters! just because the £ has dropped. but last time when the £ rose in value they never brought down their prices did they?

so i decided to go to morrisons instead and bought their basic coffee  in a  unadorned package 47p for the same amount.  i  since made a cup and it tastes just as good (or as bad, haha depanding on whether u like strong coffee or not. i like it weak, so that it does not really matter how good the coffee grains are, as i will never get to taste them. i think to get the taste of coffee u have to drink it strong. and since i dont like the taste of strong coffee, that is me out of the running for the which- is- the- best- coffee competition. haha.)

whilst at the morrisons (it is the camberwell branch) i saw a whole pile of basmati rice 10kg, selling for 2 for £13. what!! 10kg of basmati rice for £6.50???!! so how come they can reduce their prices even though the £ has dropped?!!! huh? explain that tesco!

i have lots of basmati rice, but i think this offer is too good to refuse. i have never seen such a low price before. it was too heavy to carry right there and then or i would have bought them.  so i shall go back later today and  bring along my trusty wheeled shopping bag and buy them. 20kg is hell of a heavy weight to carry without a wheeled trolley.

but u can see how some businesses are taking advantage of our brexit vote to pushup their prices. we should name and shame them. starting with tesco. haha.

added. 3.33pm 24.8C sunny . it is really getting hotter, so maybe the forecast of 31C on wednesday and thursday might come true. !

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

so i got the two big bags of rice. i could not see the expiry date, in front, have to ask one of the shop helpers, and he found it. expires apr 2018, so it is not even near its sell by date. it is all basmati rice, and not a mixture. a single bag costs £7, still very cheap. 




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