nottinghill carnival should it be moved

26 Aug

london 9.22pm friday 2016

shops in nottinghill are closing and boarding their windows. why? u might ask dont they want to keep open to make money from all the big crowds coming into the area for the carnival? the fact that they prefer to close suggest that they dont make money from the crowds that come in. as usual, a street carnival is hell for those who live there and for the regular businesses.

perhaps with all the increase cost of policing it they might consider moving it to a stadium or something. perhaps the security aspect of it might become too great to control.

a street carnival is free for everyone who comes into the area. the residents and businesses there pay the cost . a thing can be too successful for its own good.

i heard of this island near formentera , where it is privately owned but the beaches are public, and so plenty of tourists go there, they can walk across to it at low tide , or yachts can moor in the shallows, dropping anchor on some rare plant seaweeds it seems. and the owners are wanting to sell to the spanish govt hoping that the govt can then control the tourists. it is too popular for its own good.

i think that might happen to nottinghill carnival too… it might be relocated. it would be nice if it can be relocated to brixton where there is more of a history of caribbean settlers living there than nottinghill. but i guess brixton residences dont want all that disruption and noise. they say 9million invade the area . is that so? sounds like alot of people. even 1 million would be too many, which is more likely to be the number. 

i think street festivals of this kind, so much noise , will be gradually lost unless it agrees to be held in a stadium. after all, in rio, they hold the mardi gras procession in a stadium. but i think the security aspect of it will force the change. nowadays with the risk of a terrorist bomb going off in all those crowds of people… it just cannot bear thinking of the consequences.

its like two full days , 48 hrs of non stop activities. quite impossible to police i think.


2 Responses to “nottinghill carnival should it be moved”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Monday August 29, 2016 at 7:41 pm #

    A British Woodstock in the making ?

    • alifesgayventure Monday August 29, 2016 at 7:52 pm #

      doubt it, the days of hippy-ness , laid back flower power and free love, and teach the world to sing are over, i think. haha.

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