just to write something.

3 Sep

london 4.20pm 20.6C cloudy saturday 2016

you have heard of bloggers saying they love to write, and want to be a writer. but they never say what they are going to write about.

well that is what i am finding out that applies to me too. i want to write something in this post, just because i like to write something. but the trouble is i dont really have any theme or subject i want to write about.

or rather i have lots to write about, but i cant help thinking they are rather mundane and only of interest to me. things like groceries, and prices of stuff…

or about what i see on the bus. or the disruption of the bus route back from the library, this afternoon, due to a demonstration at parliament square. i saw lots of placards with the EU circle of stars logo.

i thought it was pro EU remainers, but i saw this article in the daily mail about it, and it seems it is part of a country wide demo by both brexit and remainers, ahead of a parliament debate on monday about whether we should have another referendum. 

after all the disruption that has happened because of our vote to exit, i think it silly to have another referendum and bring in lots more confusion.  if we vote to remain on a second vote on a tiny majority, which one will we follow then?  its just asking for trouble. the country should just get on with exiting, and take it from there. 

 but i guess it is just a bit of confusion until people see what really happens to europe. if it sinks, they will all be glad to get out, but if it begins to prosper , they will all want in. judging from what i see, europe seems to sink , rather than swim.

i have always wondered why the market thinks the £ is weaker than the euro, to me the opposite is the case, and i think once we let that sink in to the world’s consciousness, they will realise that all this time, it is the presence of the UK in the EU that has propped up what seems to be the impression of strength of the euro. once the UK is taken out of the equation they will realise the euro is a very weak currency and then we shall see it go into a steep dive when the market takes its about -turn and attack the euro. that is my prediction.

just to show how paradoxical it is, a fall in the euro is exactly what the EU govts wants. they have tried QE, printing money, lowering interest rates, but the us and £ continue to trump it by falling even faster. every country is trying to win the race to the bottom, making their currency lower relative to everyone else’s.so if the euro comes under attack and falls in value, it would be great for the EU. their goods will be less expensive and they can export more, and growth might result. as it is, the persistent high value of the Euro is making it harder for the EU countries to get out of the stagnation they are in now. this link might explain why they all want a cheaper currency.

gerard st, chinatown. lots of chinese restaurants closing so that other businesses are able to come in to set up like that betting shop behind the lions.

the tv was showing a doc of the carpenters, such lovely songs and brings back nostalgic memories for me. its nice to hear them again.


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