£5 voucher from house of fraser. the ins and outs of free vouchers.

5 Sep

london 6.40am 15.6C drizzle, monday 2016

the daily mail has a free voucher which u can cut out from their saturday and sunday papers (ie the weekend just passed)  to buy stuff at house of fraser, no minimum spend either.

they do it every year so it must be providing them with result. but it does seem generous to me, how do they make money out of this? u can buy anything for £5 and not have to spend a penny. or alternately you can put it towards a higher priced item.

maybe that is how they make money. the free voucher will entice a person to enter their store and browse, and they hope that people will be tempted to buy stuff. i went to the branch in oxford st, and it is a real high end store. there was only one item i find that cost £5. (bear in mind i went only to the kitchen floor and the men floor, so it is subjective.  they might have plenty of other stuff for £5, but i did not see it.)it is for 2 replacement brushes for washing dishes by a designer manufacturer called joseph. the contraption has a clear bottle which u can attach to the brush and there u put some washing liquid which u can then squirt onto the brush. 

i put my washing up liquid in a used soap container which  has a dispenser on top. so it is easy for me to press the dispenser down to get a squirt of liquid onto my sponge and wash dishes with it. but i have been thinking of trying out a brush instead. so i might buy this. ordinary brushes with a handle cost quite a lot. this one from joseph has been reduced to £6.40 from £8 in their website. but u wont get that reduction in the store.   granted joseph goods are more expensive than normal, as their design is quite appealing. robert dyas has one that is £2.69. mind you the prices in the store might be higher. 

the house of fraser website has prices with discounts. it seems the website is having a sale, but not the stores. so this contraption with the brush and washingup liquid bottle attached to it costs £12 in the store, but £9.60 online. if u use the voucher, it makes it more of a bargain to buy from the store, even at the shop price. personally i would think it rather a lot of weight on the hand if u have a bottle with liquid soap attached to the brush. so the idea might not be so ingenious as u might think. you can use the voucher online, but only if u spend a minimum of £30.

looking at the way they discount their prices in their website but not in the store, makes me realise the vouchers are a way to even the playing field for those who like to browse in store. it makes it worthwhile to go to the shops and to counter the tendency to shop online. if u think about it, it must make u wonder why have shops , with all the overheads, when u can just have the website, but then the shops are like a place where people can actually handle the goods and see it for real. certainly i get to see how that contraption works , though even then it has its limitations, the goods were wrapped in plastic so i dont know if u can squirt the liquid on, or is it automatically dispensed by the cleaning movement of the bristles… ( added.i went back to the shop today and saw there was no plastic wrap round the gadget. so i was able to twist the bottle open and see it got a pressure valve at the bottom and a flexible rubber top which u can press.)

added 11.20am. i went to the store to buy that two replacement bristles. its quite a simple arrangement with a hole in the middle. the main mechanism is in the bottle top, it has a rubber lid that allows u to press it and the pressure forces the liquid through a pressure valve at the bottom of the bottle. so really the replacement bristles are very simply made,only have a slot to fit the bottle with the liquid soap. quite expensive at £2 each , i think. i would not buy it if it were not free. i shall use it to see if washing dishes with a bristle brush is more effective than with a sponge. 

when i went to pay at the till, the shop assistant says it has been reduced from £5 to £4 and she cannot accept the voucher, but i told her it is ok, it says if it is less than £5, it wont pay me the change that is all. and the machine accepted the voucher. i can understand why they put that condition in, otherwise they will be giving me £1 change and that would really be a big hoot. haha. when i went there yesterday they had not put up signs saying there is a 20% reduction. it is not store wide this discount. when i went to the men’s department to look at their socks, and underwear, because in their website it has a 20% reduction, i found no where is there any such sign in the mens department. i went out of curiosity, because even after the reduction it still costs a lot. those designer underwear are not cheap.

i found this umbrella in the recycling bins this morning. i have stopped using umbrellas because they are so flimsy that they get broken by the wind.  but well if this is free, and in good working order, i suppose i should use it. it did come in useful today, as it was drizzling a bit, but not heavy enough to dig out my waterproof jacket. it was far quicker to pull out this umbrella and unfold it.

added. 10.23pm tuesday 2016, i got a chance to use the brush cleaner, and i can say it is not as good as my sponge. esp for cleaning cups. my sponge cleans the stains from coffee or tea much better than the bristles. i find its lack of a long handle can be a disadvantage. difficult to get it right to the bottom of the cup and still allow me to twist it to clean. if it has a long handle that would be easier. 



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