egg timer

6 Sep

london 1.28pm 23.1C cloudy tuesday 2016

i got another of those free £5 vouchers given by the daily mail, and bought this , an egg timer. it is £3.99. i have tested it, but i think it does well on the soft boiled option, but when i tested the egg for hard boil when it has got completely white, the egg was not hard boiled at all. so i guess it still is better to just keep boiling the water for a minute or so , or even more… its a pity it cannot be accurate about when the egg is hard boiled. because to a person like me who dont like to use more electricity than needed, i dislike having to over boil the egg just to be sure it is hardboiled. 

showing the various stages. the one where it shows it is completely hard boiled, turned out not to be so., and even after i left the last egg in for about 15 mins it still did not harden. it seems i have to keep the water boiling to get hard boiled eggs. duh. haha. but for soft boiled egg, it is effective. very nice for dipping bread soldiers in it.

next time, i shall boil the eggs in cold water ,and when the water is boiling briskly, switch it off and cover with lid and just leave for about 15mins. that should hard boil the egg.  for the above experiment, i boiled the water first in a kettle, and pour it into a pan, and lowered the eggs into the water, and brought it up to a boil in the pan. and then switch off. that is good if i want soft boiled eggs, but not if i want hard boiled.

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