a target for thieves

10 Sep

london 1.58pm rain 19.5C saturday 2016

i got yesterday’s evening standard, but only was able to read it just now. the headlines caught my attention, ‘mugged aged 100 on her doorstep’. my initial reaction was why? who would do it. until i read the article, to find that her handbag contained £300. well duh! 

the thing was from the reaction of her grand daughter, they dont know she is in the habit of carrying around a lot of cash which makes her a easy target. she may have been seen carrying a lot of cash at certain times of the week, and it may be a routine for her. it may be it is part of her rent money, or benefits, but whatever, people should be aware of this making themselves easy targets. apart from the loss of the money it is the potential violence and hurt that she could have sustained that is more worrying, at least if it were me. this article is one of the rare ones where the obvious answer to why it happened became obvious when u read it further, most cases we dont know the hidden story  so we hear of an old person being assaulted, seemingly for no reason at all, but there is always a reason. people might say she happened to be the person at the wrong time and place implying she is just unlucky to be in the way ,but i think genuine passer-by victims are rarer than we think.

there is a hidden reason i think in almost all cases. if i were a potential thief looking to see who i can rob, this article stating that this old lady was carrying around £300 in her handbag, might make me target them all the more. who would have known old ladies are so prone to carrying £300 with them!!!

whilst online i saw another article about the olive restaurant in fulham being burgled 4 times in eight months.  they are puzzled why they are targetted, but there is a reason, if they only know it. a disgruntled employee? a customer with a grudge? a nasty rival? someone who wants their leasehold? protection money? it is very likely a professional burgler working to order. there are any number of potential reasons. i wonder if their lease is up for renewal?

the newsaggregator  is filling up with tweets about the samsung 7 phone exploding, 35 so far after only 2weeks since its sale. airlines are banning its use and the company is recalling it. it seems the battery is the culprit. 


2 Responses to “a target for thieves”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday September 10, 2016 at 3:07 pm #

    Good post and agree that the elderly must not carry alot of cash or flash jewellery else they become easy preys or target. Also yes Samsung 7 is causing recalls and airlines banning it from charging whilst in flight

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday September 10, 2016 at 3:28 pm #

    this battery problem with over heating is getting more widespread i think. even my chrome book, the new one that they gave me to replace the old one with the overheating battery, is heating up quite often. and sometimes it would switch off, and i have to close it, to allow it to cool before it works again.

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