build up and destroy

11 Sep

london 4.30pm 23.6C sunny sunday 2016

we love to build things up and even more to bring it crashing down.

 i got to know about this  from twistedsifter.

this one is just as exhausting to watch as it is to build. haha.


the chicken is being cooked now in the oven. really easy to do,season with salt, just put it in the oven and set the temp and timer. i bought the 2kg frozen chicken pieces just today. £3.20. picture shows half the contents of the pack. the other half is in my freezer.

there are fears for hilary clinton’s health.she was near collapse and had to leave the memorial service for 7/11 victims early. a few days ago i read a post about her having brain damage from a vascular condition. can’t find the link now. her health must be a relevant concern if she is going to be president. 


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