call charges on 08 numbers

14 Sep

london 26.7C sunny wednesday 2016 yesterday’s high was 34C.

i find something new today. my phone bill came and i was surprised to find £1.20 to pay for last months usage. when i got into the details, i saw a 0845 number has been called on my mobile. i asked simon and he said he used it to call esure, his car insurance. they put him on hold so he stopped the call. and it took about 4mins.

0845 numbers are supposed to be charged at the local rate. when i looked into the esure website i saw they say they charge 5p a minute for the call. yet talk talk charged me 30p a minute. i read the small print in talktalk and they say they add 25p a minute on top of the local call charge . so it is talk talk that is charging me a lot for the call. on my landline they add 7.5p a minute on top of what is charged by the other side.

so that is something new i find… that talk talk is bunging on costs on top. in the past we thought the other side was over charging us, but since the govt forced the phone companies to break down the cost and inform us of it, we now know who the real culprit is. it is the phone company. 

i googled the number and there is a website that asks people to report a number to find out if it is a scam number. this number was mentioned. but i was able to comment on it and tell them it is a legit number, but not to call it with their mobile, or landline. basically it is best not to use any 08 numbers at all just because all the  phone companies adds their own cost onto it. 

it kind of warns me not to have a mobile with them. i have free calls but it seems 08 numbers are not included in the free calls. i bet many people are fooled by these charges. i shall move back to my asda pay as u go sim card when this free call period is over.



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