wine and pub

17 Sep

london 2.36pm 16.1C cloudy saturday 2016

I think it very english to go to a pub after work near the end of the week. i see it on friday, when the pubs are so busy they spill out into the street. 

i took these at about 6pm on thursday and allready the pub near me is crowded with office workers, spilling out into the street. i thought it usually happens on friday because last friday i saw the crowd outside the pub too; but it seems office workers start celebrating the weekend  on thursday.

 just standing around nursing a drink seems to be the way to socialise. i think that is unique of british  people. and i would even hazard a guess  that it is also seen in british derived cultures like canada, australia. tell me if that is not the case, all of u lot who live in canada, or australia. what about in america, do all those workers in new york hang around like that after work?

i saw this row of pinot (pee not haha) grigio on the tesco shelf. whenever i see this drink i just have to laugh. there were others , tesco labelled ones selling for £4.40. glad i dont like drinking alcohol otherwise i shall be very sorely tempted by all these wine and hard drinks. 


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